The Star Signs Guide to Nail Colours

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Do you have a hard time picking a colour for your nails?  Then let your star sign decide!


Aries (21 March – 20 April): Aries are typically daredevils and like acting impulsively, which makes them difficult to keep up with.  They also tend to be very dynamic and fiery, so a red like Essie’s Russian Roulette would suit them to a tee.


Taurus (21 April – 20 May): Taurus are very patient and placid people.  The Taurus sign is mainly associated with femininity, making any soft pink like Essie’s French Affair or Fun in the Gondola perfect for them!


Gemini (21 May – 20 June): Geminis are very youthful and cheerful people who are able to adapt to any situation, making Essie’s Lady Like the perfect colour for them. This spiced pink nude is simply timeless and perfect for every occasion.


Cancer (21 June – 21 July):  Cancers are very emotional, which makes them very loving yet guarded people.  A crisp white, like Essie’s Blanc will be the perfect colour to reflect how pure their emotions are.


Leo (22 July – 22 August): Leo’s tend to be very creative people who can also be quite bossy.  However, they are fearlessly faithful and loyal.  They have a heart of gold, which is why Essie’s Jiggle Hi Jiggle Lo, will be the best choice to show how compassionate they are.


Virgo (23 August – 22 September): Virgos are the most conservative and practical of all the signs.  Despite this, they do tend to overcritical and perfectionists.   Seeing as they are the most grounded, earthy tones will suit Virgos the best.  Our best pick would be a rich chocolate brown, like Essie’s Fierce, No Fear.


Libra (23 September – 22 October): Libras are hopeless romantics and flirtatious charmers.  They can be extremely indecisive, making them quite easily influenced.  Once they have laid their eyes upon Essie’s Sugar Daddy, their mind will be easily made up!  This bubblegum pink will make them fall in love.


Scorpio (23 October – 21 November). Scorpios are known for being very intense and compulsive people.  This is due to how passionate they can be when they strongly believe in something.  An intense maroon, like Essie’s Thigh High is a perfect match for the passionate Scorpio.


Sagittarius (22 November – 20 December):  The optimistic Sagittarius loves being given the choice of freedom.  They are deeply philosophical and intellectual, even if they do tend to be a bit tactless.  A rich deep plum like Essie’s Angora Cardi will be an excellent choice for them.


Capricorn (21 December – 20 January): Capricorns are often very mature for their age making them very practical thinkers.  They do tend to be quite ambitious yet pessimistic at times. Capricorn’s need a no-nonsense colour like Essie’s Licorice or For The Twill Of It to match their moods.


Aquarius (21 January – 18 February): Aquarius tends to be a friendly and outgoing sign that is always ready to help when they can.  However, they can also become detached to things that don’t grab their attention.  To help bring about some balance in their lives, a midnight blue with a slight shimmer to keep them interested would be the best for them, like Essie’s Midnight Cami.


Pisces (19 February – 20 March):  Pisces are drawn to any pastel shade of blue, green and purple that can be associated with the ocean.  They are very imaginative, compassionate and sympathetic even though they can be quite secretive.  Essie’s Lapiz of Luxury will be the perfect colour choice for them.  This dreamy, soft lavender with a hint of blue is perfect for creating mystery  as no one will be able to tell if it’s more blue or purple.



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