The power to change your life through words.

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The power to change your life through words


Words are immensely powerful and a simple sentence can completely change one’s day. The most beautiful expressions or the ugliest of thoughts are represented with words. We are not aware of this power and so often use words to express only mundane thoughts. The words that people use to express themselves reveal their inner thoughts and emotions,  and when directed at you unkindly, are not a reflection of who you are, but rather reflect what they themselves are thinking and the pain of their own past experiences. These experiences cause them to act out in a certain way.


Words used harshly can cut deep and leave a scar for the rest of your lives. They can even disfigure the mind, creating a cycle of negativity in which we are mean to others simply because someone was mean to us. Using kind words instead of harsh criticism can be far more beneficial, because no-one likes to be criticized and resentment often lingers. Understanding that someone’s choice of words often has nothing to do with you will prevent your own words from turning sour.


Using words of power with positive emotion repeated daily WILL change your life

Having said that the world should change for the better now… why wouldn’t it? For change to occur there must be TWO factors present – the ability to change, and time. We all have the ability to change and we all have time. In the case of those who are die-hard pessimists, it will just take more time. The question isn’t that of when will change occur, but rather, ‘when will I want to change?’


Negatively encapsulates us and we are horrifically intrigued by war and any sort of conflict that doesn’t directly affect us. Why is this so? If we look up at the beautiful sky all day we can’t see what is in front of us and we might trip and fall. This is human thinking since the beginning of time and it is ingrained into our primal minds that more attention must be paid to the negative because the positive can’t kill us. This is nature, and being part of nature, we will struggle to deny this.



Affirmations are the key to over-riding your primal mind. These are based on the principle that by repeating something enough, you will either become it or manifest it. Positive affirmations will make you want to change and see the best in everything and everyone, although they won’t completely shield you from negativity. Personal affirmations should always have ‘I AM’ before them, this makes the message more direct and powerful. For instance, I AM happy, I AM healthy, I AM well. Repeat this (your desires) frequently and really want it, and your mind will bring it about. The best times to affirm are during calm and receptive mind-states such as meditation, before falling asleep, or first thing in the morning when you wake. The added benefit of affirming before sleep is that it calms your busy mind, distracts you away from any problems you are experiencing, and lulls you into sleep.


Make positivity a part of your life (cheerful wall vinyls or décor seem to be a big hit now), and remind yourself of these positive affirmations constantly. This allows them to penetrate into your subconscious and they will eventually become part of your personality.


Speaking from my own experience, positive affirmations have stopped me from falling into the pit of woe that most seem to dwell in. They keep my head above water and help me from acting out harshly, because I understand that nothing positive can come from that. They help me see the little seedling sprouting from the busy concrete sidewalk and allow me to enjoy my inner child instead of suppressing it. I am still aware of the negativity in the world, but I now choose not to be affected, and affirmations have given me the will-power to make it so.



About the writer.

Nicolette is the owner of Tranquility health and beauty and is a qualified in holistic, beauty and sports therapies. She is accredited with ITEC, SAAHSP, CIBTAC and CIDESCO, having done 3 years of study and over 600 hours of documented practical experience at the Camelot International Training College.


Holistic therapy is one of her many passions. Nicolette was born into a holistic background and it came naturally to her. Noticing the stigma sometimes attached to holistic/alternative therapies, she decided to complete additional diplomas in beauty, health and skincare and sports massage. As a result of this extensive academic and practical background, she decided to open a holistic health and beauty salon.



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