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Meet Heather Martinho

Title  Spirit picture artist, artist, Rei-flexologist , Reiki practitioner, Intuitive guided massages Services Offered Private Consultations, Group consultations, Workshops, Doul picture readings, Spirit drawings, couples pictures, Company drawings, Animal pictures, Children’s pictures, unborn babies pictures etc. either by consultation or via the internet.

Certifications & Qualifications

  • Diploma in Theatre Crafts Pretoria Technicon
  • Reiki Usui practitioner level: Shane Bapoo and Rei-flexology Healing Academy of South Africa
  • Indian Head and Shoulder Massage: Rei-flexology Healing Academy of South Africa
  • Qualified Rei-flexologist : Rei-flexology Healing Academy of South Africa

About Heather

I was born in Pretoria in 1960. Went to Waterkloof Primary and later Pretoria Girls High. I have always been creative and connected with the elemental world. I was very quiet and didn’t fit in to the norm. Meaning a lot of time was spent drawing, painting, making things and reading fiction stories. A favourite being The Magic Faraway Tree. Another favourite pastime was playing “witchy witchy “and making potions and things outside. All this was part of the road I chose to take later in life. Dancing, movement, massage (especially foot) and music became a daily ritual in High school.I slowly gained confidence over the years After studding TheatreArts. I worked for P>A>C>T. And then in the advertising department at the Pretoria News.The next step was marriage Warmbaths and a family. I worked in our businesses for the duration of our marriage. Looking back, all these steps they were vital in my path. The first day opening our shop I had to man the shop and confidently interact with all our customers. We had numerous shops and I began feeling it was a jail with an open door.During this time I also had small children’s arts and craft sessions and painted. I became frustrated and wanted to get out of that very earthly environment … That led to Reiki and Reflexology and interest in the old childhood interests in alternative worlds and energies. I did some work with the local beautician who found the Rei-flexology assisted in the absorption of the products she used especially in the facials. We also did couple sessions with her doing a massage while I did the feet. Around this time I worked a lot with crystals and enjoyed making my crystal circles, meditating with in them etc. But still lacked the confidence to do things in publicAt about this time I moved to Durban and divorced after 22 years of marriage.I did some very random work and was lucky to get work painting murals at a local school and a contract to paint murals at Westville University. Taught arts and crafts at Cygnet nursery school. Worked at Rosmunds florist and also worked from a local beauty salon, doing massage and rei-flexology.

When doing Reiki and Rei-flexology one sees and feels things. I thought it would be a great idea to paint a personal picture for the experience. But that works out timely and costly.

My journey seems to have led me to meet the right people to assist me along the way. The first being a healer, who by chance had seen me with my paintings at Westville fayre. She noticed the symbols within them. The healing centre where she was workingwase looking for healers. I went to meet them and she asked me what I really want to do. Something made me say Soul Pictures. She wanted to know why I was not doing them. She and another healer showed me how they connect energetically. They did my picture and then got me to do everyone’s picture. In those first pictures, there was always something I couldn’t have known about. So the soul picture journey began. I loved these different people and suddenly I wasn’t so out of place anymore . Doing holistic fayres began. I couldn’t believe I could work in such a public environment, but you usually find you are in your own space and unless you are interrupted don’t really notice. Then I met a great psychic teacher in Durban who said her guides were telling her I needed to be pushed and gave me the wonderful opportunities to work from a photo, animals unborn babies, passed on people.  Later I met others who got me to do questions, past lives etc. It’s so exciting because the opportunities are endless. I have been fortunate enough to do pictures for a company for their Christmas celebration. They could see how they all related to one another in the work place. Also doing pics at a ladies 40th birthday celebration. Spirit drawings have been another development. They bring much comfort to those who have lost a loved one. I love doing the pictures .They are light and have taught me don’t doubt just put it onto the page. Recently the written part is also coming more easily.  I love that generally most people are happier and lighter afterwards. The colours, symbols, positioning on the page are all significant in the interpretation.


I have experienced two treatments from Heather Martinho, a back massage and a foot reflexology.  When I asked Heather for a back massage at the time my back was in pain and the muscles were very tight.  I enjoyed every bit of the massage, was very relaxing and all tightness and pain disappeared.  I was also offered a foot reflexology by Heather and was very relaxing and was enjoyed very much.  Both of these treatments were performed professionally by Heather.  Highly Recommended.
Claude Gabriel Laurent

When I first started going to Heather for reiki/reflexology 3 months ago I didn’t know what to expect. She made me feel at ease and comfortable. I have experienced both health and mind benefits. I sleep better and my energy levels have improved. My immune system is also stronger. It has also helped release emotions that I was holding onto and helped with my stress levels. Her analysis of my feet was also 100% accurate. Heather is a warm and kind person and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their physical and mental well being. 
Bronwyn Cramer

I have had a few Back massages by Heather and I have had great relief from them and she is very professional in her practice. I will recommend anyone who suffers from stress to have a few sessions with her. 
Clinton Wyness


DescriptionThese are one day workshops, using pictures as a tool to connect and reconnect with the divine within, develop intuition, stimulate left and right brain interaction in a fun interactive way. No artistic ability is required, as we do a series of quick drawings using typing paper and wax crayons and oil pastels. We begin by connecting with individual energy and then later connecting, drawing and interpreting other people’s pictures. It is very interactive and generally people are very surprised at how intuitive they really are. At the end of the day each person goes home with numerous drawings and interpretations from their fellow participants and because of the small groups been free to express themselves in a safe space.

DescriptionThese workshops vary and have different themes, so people may enjoy to do several of them. There is some balancing, some clearing (different types on different days) some meditation. Music and movement or free dancing form, part of this workshop and helps to inspire and free the creative side. We then have a creative activity and interaction between participants. It is a relaxed expressive day. During the creative part there is generally a lot of sharing and opportunity for questions to be asked.