Does Cuticle Oil really help?

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Does cuticle oil really help your nails in the long run? Or is it just a temporary fix to dehydrated dry cuticles…

Before we explore that we should first elaborate as to what exactly cuticle oil is, basically the answer is a moisturiser made up of… yup, Oils!

If you’ve heard of cuticle oil a few times there’s probably a chance you’ve heard that many of them are ‘’enriched with vitamin e’’.

Vitamin E is both a nutrient and antioxidant, and the oil in its purest form is extremely versatile. As indicated by its vitamin classification, vitamin E is a nutrient to the skin. Your nails and cuticles are made of the same proteins as skin therefore the moisturisation provided by the oil will in fact provide nourishment to your cuticles

When cuticles are exposed to excessive cold, sun, chlorination, salty or soap water or other environmental conditions that lead to dry, chapped skin, the cuticles can be also become dry, chapped, and damaged. Similarly, picking at the cuticles, typing, folding laundry, brushing hair and cooking can all cause damage.

Chances are you’re exposed to a variety of the aforementioned list of activities; cuticle oil in the long run will most definitely help improve the general health of your nails and is highly recommended. However some argue that it should only be used once in a while when your cuticles are in a particularly ‘sad’ state, I believe that just as we ‘clean, exfoliate & moisturise’ our faces we should adhere to a strict regimen for our nails as well.

Cuticle oil should be applied every night before resting, the oil should be applied with either the provided applicator or a cotton ball and should be massaged into the cuticles for a few minutes to allow the oils to sink in and nourish the skin healthily, this is recommended instead of applying it before putting on shoes and doing work which require the use of your hands. By utilising the oils at night your skin is allowed to both breathe and nourish itself.



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