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Meet Claude Gabriel Laurent

Title  Energy Healer, Bowen Therapy Practitioner, Dorn Method Practitioner, Sports Massage Therapist, Breuss Massage Therapist, EMF Balancing Technique Practitioner.

Services Offered   Private Consultations, Demonstrations,  House visits.

About Claude

I became interested in the healing arts many years ago through sports injuries. Experiencing the results with different injuries, I decided that I had to learn this way of treating people. My first Certified Energy healing courses was through THASA, in Durban. Also wanting to learn more on the treatment of the physical body, I completed a year’s study in Sports Massage. My next healing modality was the amazing body work of Tom Bowen, taught by the late international Bowen Instructor, Jock Ruddock. My latest Therapy to learn and practice is the Dorn Method (spinal alignment & joints).

In my practice I may combine the different therapies, it all depends on the client’s problem at the time.
The Dorn Therapy and Bowen go exceptionally well together. They complement each other. If a person has misalignments in the body and it is not addressed, the problem will appear again. No matter how much body-work is being done, tightness of muscles, nerves, blood and nerve flow will be affected. I also use The Quantum Touch Healing with great affect for pain management. This powerful energy healing work has been part of my healing practice. I use it for hip alignment, occiput alignment, fast pain relief, organ healing, emotional release, bruises, swollen ankles and remote healing. This has brought many challenges through the years with clients with different problems. I am always grateful to be able to help someone in suffering.

I was born in Mauritius, but my parents left for South Africa when I was still very young and we settled in Durban. After completed school I went into the telecommunications industry working for various companies. I am now totally dedicated to the Healing Arts.