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Meet Brigitte Peel

Title  TRE Provider (Advanced), Nutritional Consultant, Whole Brain Learning

Holistic Approaches Include

  • TRE (Tension and Trauma Release)
  • Nutritional Consultant
  • Whole Brain Learning

Services Offered TRE 6 week workshops and individual consultations, TRE training; nutrition; brain balancing/training

Certifications & Qualifications

  • Certified TRE Advanced Provider
  • Diploma in Nutrition and Diet theory – ITEC
  • Diploma in Whole Brain Learning

About Brigitte

My interest in natural healing began about 20 years ago when I studied Nutrition to help with the anxiety, insomnia, headaches and PTSD symptoms I was experiencing at the time. Although nutrition had tremendous value for my clients and myself, I felt that something was still missing, as I was struggling to cope with everyday life. I went for many natural treatments and therapies to find some relief from my symptoms and while they helped for a while, the symptoms always returned and I felt stuck.

I have always loved working with people and when I was introduced to TRE (Tension & Trauma Release) in February 2010, I felt that I had finally ‘come home’, and I have never looked back! The learning continues and each client or group I facilitate provides new insights for me, as I observe them change their stories through TRE. As TRE Providers, we are there to witness and support people to connect with their own innate ability to heal and to be healthy. TRE is a body centred method, which we can use as a pressure-release valve, which enables one to release deep rooted chronic tension, as well as facilitate recovery from traumatic events. As a qualified Nutritional Consultant, I incorporate nutrition into my work with clients. I believe that healing starts with the body and through TRE and Nutrition, empowers people to make better choices to heal themselves in a more holistic way.

I am an Advanced TRE Provider who has assisted the founder, Dr David Berceli, in five, 3 day workshops in South Africa over and above the level 1 and level 2 TRE workshops I took part in as part of my training. I have also been involved with the supervision of TRE Practitioners since 2010 and assist with the training of TRE Providers.

I usually work with a client for a few sessions to teach self-regulation, and to be able to continue doing TRE safely on their own at home; as well as to ensure optimal results are achieved through facilitation.

Another passion of mine is working with children and adults to overcome learning difficulties using Dominance Profiling and Brain Balancing/Training. What I notice in many children who are struggling at school is that there is often a history of trauma.


As a typical male I have never believed in seeing shrinks, taking pills or any other “nancy-pansy” stuff when it comes to dealing with issues and stress. “I am a man and I can handle it myself!” – how wrong I was and I can hear my beautiful wife saying, “I told you so”.
It was with much trepidation and fear that I agreed to attend a TRE course, I was petrified , o say the least and was expecting to be surrounded by woman doing all sorts of funny stretches, moves, strange noises and we would all sit around in a circle “sharing”, I was ready to run.
From my very first class I was put at ease as to what to expect and was absolutely amazed how I felt after my first class, clear headed calm and relaxed, as I progressed through the classes more information on the subject was shared and made such logical sense, I do think that because it is so logical and easy it almost seems too good to be true. It really works. I could physically feel the changes in my body and emotional mind set and I could be the master of my own destiny to control this.

The proof in the pudding, was the turn around my life took, from a depressed, border line suicidal individual to a clear and focused “me again”. My wife, family and colleagues noticed how I had changed and it was evident in my work performance.
The various physical and emotional discharges I experienced ranged from high to low, however each had a reason and was overcome, TRE is a process that has made me aware of my body, aware of how it affects our everyday life. So now using TRE as a relaxation, de-stress and even a meditational experience to give my body and mind the time it deserves to “Rock n Roll”.
I have found a practical and real way to handle stress for the rest of my life for which I will be eternally grateful, not to mention my wife and kids. Everyone should do TRE!!!

A testimonial on Heart Arrhythmia – “I still do TRE every week and my heart palpitations / arrhythmia occur very seldom and are a lot less intense if I do feel them. If I rated it as a percentage, it is about 85% better than before I started TRE.
As far as I am concerned it has by far been the best remedy for my condition and I am really grateful that my wife convinced me to give it a go, and to Brigitte for teaching me how.” PM

I had an excellent experience doing TRE with Brigitte. She always assured and guided me. She made sure that I was comfortable with the process and always followed up the next day by asking how I felt. The information and explanation of exercises, of different types of tremors and the videos were very informative. I felt comfortable and never felt wrong or that I was being judged. I am so glad that I got to experience this with a practitioner like Brigitte. The group experience was very warm and welcoming. The venue was always clean. The number of people in the group was small so that we each got personal attention. The facilitation was of an excellent standard. SR

A life changing experience. I had no idea what TRE was or what to expect. Just knew I was desperate enough to try anything. I set my expectations low as we went through the course – how could this shaking and shivering help my broken heart, soul and mind, my depression and increasing panic attacks and permanent racing thoughts ? I felt better the very first week but thought it would just last a few days and then be back to normal. Each week the lightness in my body, the feeling of joy in my being, the clear mind lasted longer. I cannot understand it but I have not felt this alive in 15 years and it has lasted longer each time through the 6 weeks (not like a few days of extreme high and happiness followed by many days of sad depressed hopeless feelings as before). I was terrified of the 6 weeks being over and just going back to how I was, but I have done it at home and it was the same as class – I felt an immediate improvement after only a few minutes. I am excited to do TRE for a few minutes a few times a week and definitely will be attending the monthly class to ensure I keep it up and be accountable. SH