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Meet Beryl Bazley

Title  Naturopathic, Iridologist, Hypnotherapist, NLP life and Mental Coach and Reiki Master

Services Offered  Meditations, Private Consultations, Biofeedback therapies Spiritual & Destination Retreats, Self-Empowerment Workshops & Holistic training Programs.

Certifications & Qualifications

  • Doctorate Degree in Naturopathy and Alternative Medicine – Alternate board of Alternate Medicine Calcutta affiliated to University of Calcutta & Synergetica College of Alternate Medicine, South Africa
  • Certified NLP and Cognitive Behavioral Coach and Councilor – Science of Mind College
  • Certified Reiki Master – USUI Shiki Ryoho School of Reiki
  • Certified Hypnotherapist  – South Africa Modern Hypnotherapy Academy
  • Certified in Thai Massage – South Africa Institute of Thai Massage
  • Touch for Health Kinesiology level 1 and 2 – Kinesiology College, South Africa
  • Diploma in Iridology – South Africa Institute of Iridology
  • Certified Quantum Biofeedback Consultant and Therapist – Quantum Wellness Technology PTY LTD

About Beryl

In my practice I use the combination of Iridology, and functional medicine questionnaires, as my diagnostic tools to try to determine the root causes or source of your symptoms, both mentally, emotionally and physically, I then USE a combination of Hypnotherapy/Guided meditation, NLP, Reiki, biofeedback, Naturopathic, Ethno and functional medicine principles to help heal you and also to assist and empower you to make the necessary changes in your lifestyle in order to treat, balance and correct the root cause of your problem, these lifestyle changes are to enable you to change your personal patterns and practice involving your health and wellness in order to prevent further illness and disease from occurring.

I was born on the 14th November 1961 in a little town named Glencoe situated in the heart of Northern Natal. I graduated from Pietermaritzburg girls High school in 1979 after which I pursued a career as a student nurse. After completing my first year nursing I became extremely frustrated and despondent as so many people seemed to be giving up and dying unnecessarily because they could not be helped by modern medicine and they did not seek alternative treatment, as so began my spiritual, mental, emotional and physical journey into discovering alternative solutions.


Dear Beryl,

I would like to share my experience with you in Illuminations.
I came to Illuminations suffering from deep depression searching for help to recover and to take back my life as I felt lost and uncertain about a lot of stuff in my personal life.
I had with you five sessions and I will state it as how I felt through and after those sessions you helped me to open my eyes again and to see the things in a right way you helped me a lot to took back my life to figure out what I want to do for my future.
The first session with you I entered with no hope that I will recover until you started your amazing and unique work. After the third session I start to feel happy and confident again. Will never forget some sentences and quotes you told me for example (YOU CAN’T CHANGE YOUR PAST BUT YOU CAN DRAW YOUR FUTURE) because of all you did I can tell you I started my own business and its going so we. I fixed almost all my personal problems and finally you show me the right path for my life and my future.

All that happened because of YOU.

It was one of the best things happened to me in my life meeting you and having that amazing sessions with you. Every time I am feeling struggling again your words came to me and make me back to the right track.
I would like to thank you so much for that and definitely I will remember all your words and helps through my entire life.

Mohamed S.

Dear Beryl,

Beryl was there for me when I needed her most. I had done therapy before, but it was always ongoing without any specific end in sight, just one a week or so sessions that didn’t have clear goals or results. I loved the fact that from the beginning we decided on a set number of sessions, with objective for each one and issue we would address every week. I enjoyed her alternative approach that mixed a variety of methods of therapy, both older and modern, Eastern and Western. Thanks to her I was strong enough to make some very difficult decisions but I am now happier and more fulfilled than I have ever been.

Eve G.

Dear Dr. Beryl,

The 3 sessions which Jason and I had with you for relationship counselling have been an eye-opener. It has made me reconsider the way I react to our daily discussions. I think the personality test was also very useful. It made me realize how different people can really be, from what we perceive them to be.

I do look forward to applying the tips and techniques which you have shared with us and hope to resolve our communication issues and gaps.
Thank you once again. 🙂